Jordie Monroe

Doll Name: Jordie Monroe

Location:  New Hampshire, USA

About you (a little blurb about yourself):

You can call me Jordie e 
I work as a Physical Therapist Assistant and as a Massage Therapist.:) I have several tattoos and a few piercings that I absolutely adore, and have plans for many many more. I choose to modify myself because my body is a temple, and I want it to look like I am having a killer house party! ♥♥♥ The Modified Dolls are like a family, and that is what has brought me to this group. We are all just beautiful women trying to make a difference, and bring awareness to the fact that modifying our exterior does not mean we are any less powerful women! Just think of it this way….instead of hanging art in my house, I get to wear mine on my body :)

Fave food: Cheetos e I can’t help it…I’m an addict

Fave drink: Jager Bomb (I have special shot glasses even) & Pepsi Throwback 

Animal: I love my Dogs :)

Modifications (in detail): 

Current Tattoos: Full calf sleeve on the right ~Sexy Zombie ladies and zombie bite; 3 small butterflies and a bass clef on my left lower leg; “Stonewall” on my left hip~ My favorite local band; Goddess symbol on my low back ~1st ever tat ♥; Full chest piece~ anatomical heart with bio dragon wings; in process Phoenix on my right hip/thigh. 

Current Piercings: 4 dermal anchors ~neck and clavicles; right side lip ring; 1/2 inch and 2G both ears; and a personal piercing ;) 

Fave Color: RED!!!!!

What Modified means to you: My mods make me unique & help to decorate this gorgeous body e

Favourite Charity/organization: Guiding Eyes For The Blind, ASPCA & support of pit and bully breeds e e e